Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The MediaCoach Blog is back! OK, calm down. I'll try to post more often - honestly. Feel free to drop me a line. Ta.

Nice to see that the art of oratory is not dead. A couple of years ago, I watched Bill Clinton's speech to the Labour Party Conference, and marvelled once again at the way he can hold an audience. It was a masterclass in speaking technique, using pauses, eye contact and creating an extraordinary rapport.

That's why Bill can charge up to three hundred thousand pounds for a single speech. No-one else comes close to his earning potential, although speakers such as Jack Welch, Bill Cosby and Rudy Guiliani don't need to worry about paying the mortgage. In the UK, celebrity speakers earn the big cheques. Matt Lucas, Gary Lineker and Ant and Dec all earn over £25k a time (of course, the Geordie boys only get half each). But then you know all that if you'd listened to me being interviewed by Chris Evans on Radio 2 a while back. You missed it? Never mind, it's on my website.

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