Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarah Palin - the precriminations begin

Republican politicians in the US are already starting to apportion blame for the failure of the McCain-Palin ticket. A number of influential political bloggers are talking about "precriminations" (ugly word, but we know what they mean). Some Republicans, notably Colin Powell, have already endorsed Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

In one of their recent joint TV interviews, with Brian Williams of NBC, John McCain and Sarah Palin did not look exactly like a united team, and Ms Palin gave a rambling and barely comprehensible answer about preconditions for talks with rogue states.

Now senior Republicans are distancing themselves from her selection, noting that McCain spent less than three hours in her company before announcing her as his running mate. The lesson seems clear - if you are going to work with someone, get to know them well, otherwise it can go very wrong, very quickly.

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Christian DE NEEF said...

Despite her obvious incompetence, especially when it comes to international politics, the one to blame certainly is not Sarah Palin. Rather, it's the ones that suggested her for the job...