Friday, November 28, 2008


Now there's an abbreviation that is useful. TMI - Too Much Information. It's handy to drop into a conversation when one of your dinner guests starts banging on about their most recent surgical procedure. It's also very useful when talking to your web designer. The last thing you want on your web page is TMI.

For example, I was viewing a website for a dentist the other day (no, I'm fine, it was a chap who was following me on Twitter). On the front page, before my very eyes, were two large pictures of infected teeth. That's not what I wanted to see. Smiling "after" pictures and "no pain" testimonials were what I as looking for - TMI!

Don't frighten your site visitors with TMI. Show people the solutions to their problems, not the mess they are currently in. Keep it brief, concise and relevant. At all costs, avoid TMI. Here's my idea of a site with the right amount of information on (warning - it starts with a song)

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Jeremy Jacobs said...

I agree Alan. There's a dentist in Friern Barnet with 2 huge colour pictures in the window depicting the "before" and "after".