Monday, October 05, 2009

It's behind you! X Factor panto season is under way

The pantomime season has begun early this year. In fact, it's started already, as the X Factor acts vie with each other for places in our hearts (or on our text votes).

All your favourite panto characters are there. Cinderella - a girl who goes from rags to riches (Stacey Solomon), The Ugly Sisters - who argue with everyone, including each other, and can't really sing (John and Edward), The Handsome Prince - who wins the hearts of all the girls (Danyl Johnson), The Dame - who has outrageous hair and costumes (Jamie Archer) etc, etc....

Even the judges get in on the act with Baron Hardup (Simon Cowell), The Wicked Queen (Danii Minogue), Sleeping Beauty (Cheryl Cole) and Peter Pan (Louis Walsh).

It's all good fun, though not exactly a talent contest. Altogether now - "Oh yes it is..."

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