Monday, November 09, 2009

What's in a Press Kit?

I say to new clients, "How long since you updated your press kit?" Their expressions usually give the game away. They don't have press kits. In my opinion, all companies, large or small, should have something they can hand to a reporter which contains most of the information they need to know about you. These days, many press kits are online, though reporters still like to be handed copies at a press briefing (usually including a DVD of all the material as well).

So I thought I'd run through the basic elements which I consider to be essential in any press kit.

* A company backgrounder - products and services, markets, purpose
* A fact sheet - size, turnover, locations, major projects
* Biographies and responsibilities of senior staff
* Current press releases
* Recent articles and press mentions
* Recent advertising campaigns
* High-resolution photos and graphics
* A sheet of contacts, with 24-hour numbers

Do you have all that to hand?

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