Monday, December 21, 2009

Rage against the wee Geordie

So Simon Cowell has tasted unusual defeat, and Joe McElderry's rendering of "The Climb" has faltered at the summit of the charts. A Facebook campaign, organised by couple who were fed up with the annual X Factor Christmas number one, has installed Rage against the Machine there instead. Of course, nothing is ever as simple as it appears. Rage against the Machine are signed to Sony BMG, just like wee Geordie Joe, so guess who makes a pile either way? (A Mr S Cowell of London and Los Angeles, if you're wondering).

So is this finally the rise of people power against the big corporations? In a way, I think maybe it is. One thing is for certain, this success will tempt a lot more people to try the same sort of thing, no doubt with varying degrees of success. I wouldn't mind betting that even now a monocled music mogul is in a bunker somewhere, stroking a white Persian cat and plotting a "netroots" campaign for world domination by an "indie" singer-songwiter. (Actually it's already happened several times)

Simon Cowell, after initially calling that campaign "stupid" has now phoned the organisers to congratulate them. Smart man. What price Rage against the Machine guesting on the next series of X Factor?


Sarah Arrow said...

If Sony hadn't of won either way, we may have seen a more organised social media fightback from them.

What would make X factor better in my opinion Alan is if the incorporated the tweets that happen during the show, on a big screen so public feedback would be live.

It may influence different outcomes.

Alan said...


Thanks for your comment. I agree - we had a live Twitter wall at our recent Professional Speakers Convention, and it certainly keeps presenters on their toes!

Best wishes