Monday, January 31, 2011

Are you playing hard to get?

It's all about communication these days, isn't it? We have mobiles with us at all times, we tweet, we foursquare (?), we facebook and we blog. We're always available, and people now where we are at all times.

Er - not quite. I've visited a number of websites recently where it's impossible to find a phone number or email address. Instead, there's a "contact us" link, which leads to a page with a number of boxes that have to be filled in. Often, these include a drop-down window with "reason for your communication', as well as a link to the FAQ page, with a phrase "have you checked this before sending us a message?"

OK, I understand that companies are trying to make it as easy as possible for their customer support staff to deal with customer queries. However, this form is the web equivalent of the phone-hold system - "Press 1 for accounts, Press 2 for 30 minutes of bland music...".

Here's the thing. I'm a customer, and I want to get a message to your company. That means I'd like to phone or email you. I'll decide what the message is about. If you play hard to get, I will simply go somewhere else.

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Dominic Pannell said...

Well said! I spent much of weekend trying to find people to call on various websites. It's very time consuming and extremely frustrating if the numbers/emails aren't in an obvious place.

Websites without an 'about' section are even worse...