Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My FIFA Manifesto #honestal

I've given it some serious thought, and I've decided to put my name forward for FIFA President, just in time for the election. I would welcome your support.

My reason for standing

If you're reading this, you already know the reason.

My strategy

To persuade 156 member nations of FIFA to call for an election postponement, to allow for a period of reflection (and for me to campaign, obviously)

My Qualifications and Experience

I'm already President of a Global Body (The Global Speakers Federation) with 6,000 members worldwide.

I travel extensively, and understand global issues.

I'm an author of several books on media and PR, and know how to deal with the press in a diplomatic and helpful way.

I've been watching football for over 50 years, and since I'm a Fulham fan, know how to deal with failure and moderate success.

My Manifesto

Here is my seven-point plan to restore the credibility of FIFA

1) Immediate postponement of presidential elections for three months

2) All member nations to have one vote in future presidential elections

3) The entire FIFA board to resign, pending elections in three month's time

4) An interim committee to run FIFA to be appointed, consisting of Franz Beckenbauer, David Beckham and Pele.

5) Awards of 2018 and 2022 World cups to be rescinded and voted for in six months time on the basis of one nation, one vote.

6) All FIFA Board meetings to be held in public, and live-streamed online

7) An independent body to be set up to oversee ethical issues and deal with complaints

How you can help

Thanks for reading.

Simply tweet or re-tweet a link to this blog, using the tag #honestal

Thanks again,

Alan Stevens


thisisspain said...

My only concern is that in a world of sleaze, double-dealing, hypocrisy and total disregard for the most basic concepts of decency, honesty and integrity you would be unhappy.

You are the obvious candidate.

Roger Cummiskey said...

How typically British!

Even the current President of FIFA has spelt out the requirements to be elected to this illustrious post.

How silly to pretend that you can be taken seriously on the day of the election when you are unable to play by the rules. Do you seriously believe that anybody in the world of soccer would vote for a last minute opportunist?

You have made your pitch now go get ready for the next election and do it properly next time but I doubt that you are serious.

Alan Stevens said...


Thanks for your comment. I'm making a point, not a bid for election. My point is serious, but I'm not a candidate.

FIFA needs significant overhaul, and Sepp Blatter is not the man to do it. Of course he'll be re-elected, and the scandals will continue.

Incidentally, I carry no torch for the English FA, and they have not exactly covered themselves with glory. I'm simply a football fan who likes to see fair play on and off the pitch.

Ian R McAllister said...

I think its pretty sure now to say that something is very wrong at FIFA, and as fish rot from the head, the problem starts at the top.

What ever the findings of any independent investigation, I wouldn't take the 2022 World Cup away from Qatar. That decision is made, and to add further to the bidding costs would be ludicrous.

The key issue now is the sponsors reaction. With Coke, Adidas, Visa and now the ever diplomatically correct Emirates publicly expressing upset, I can't see that Blatter can hold on to power for four years. Its now a question of time before others with courage like Chuck Blazer, or those with an axe to grind like the suspended executives, who will decide the time scale.

Its just a pity that the kid kicking a ball somewhere around on a park or piece of scrub land is going to have to grow up so quickly against a backdrop of sleaze in the short term

Roger Cummiskey said...

Amazing back track but not really surprising:

"I've given it some serious thought, and I've decided to put my name forward for FIFA President, just in time for the election. I would welcome your support".

You point cannot be taken seriously however well intentioned you may like to claim it is.

Mr Blatter is the elected President for the next four years and his words on election should be studied. They were echoed by the daft FA who claim some sort of victory. They (FA) were comprehensively defeated and now want to move the goalposts. Perhaps they should more closely look at their own structures first.

Generally the Brits are magnanimous in defeat but not this time, eh?

All incumbents can and are criticized by those sitting on the fence. That does not make the fence sitters right - simply people sitting on a fence doing nothing other than giving an opinion!

There will be changes as outlined by the President of FIFA. Will the outcome be politically or sportingly based?

Only you know the answer to that.

The opportunity is yours. Take it, be proactive - the tabloids and the TV panelists will have plenty to say and you can disagree with them also.

Alan Stevens said...


Thanks for your comment. No-one is backtracking. I thought it was clear that I was making a point. My apologies if it appeared to be a serious job application. It wasn't.

I disagree with your analysis. It seems that Mt Blatter has heeded the criticism, and proposed changes as a result. That's a good result, stemming from pressure applied by the FA, in my opinion.

As I mentioned, the FA also needs to put their house in order. They also have scandals in their past. I don't speak for the British media. I simply express my view, as we all have a right to do.

However, I still argue that FIFA is riven with shameful practices, and is in need of a complete clean-out. I do not believe that Sepp Blatter is the man to do it.