Saturday, August 20, 2011

Has X Factor lost the X Factor?

I know, many of you don't care about X Factor, so if that's the case, please look away now. No need to tell me how much you hate it.

For those still with me (both of you), I hope you'll be joining me (virtually as it were) in front of the show when it returns tonight with a 75% new judging panel.

Will Gary Barlow be nice to everyone? IS Louis Walsh still confused? Will Tulisa Contostavlos look more like Cheryl Cole every week? Will anyone remember who Kelly Rowland is? And will the absence of Simon Cowell drive away viewers?

We'll get a good idea tonight. I will be watching.

If you want to hear my take on the questions above, I will be pontificating on BBC Radio 5 Live tomorrow morning.

I wonder how many times Louis will say - "You know - you could win this...."


Babs said...

So what was your verdict, Alan?

As a family we would enjoy watching, but of all the previous judges, I'm afraid Louis was not the one we would keep. And the shine does not seem to be there. I'm sure one Saturday we'll have nothing better to do but even without watching, it's not a "must see" now.

MediaCoach said...


Thanks for your comment. Forgive me for responding with part of a posting I wrote earlier elsewhere, but it summarises my views precisely;

X Factor has certainly become more scripted, with staged events to create conflict and drama. The lack of Simon doesn't seem to be a problem, since there's plenty of interest in the new panel, and they've delivered some good stuff already. There are clearly going to be some themes; references to Tulisa's urban background; Kelly talking about "global success" and Gary being in equal measure grumpy and amazed.

Janet Devlin was grand. Of course (like every other contestant selected) she's already got her YouTube channel and Twitter account up and running. That's the way to do it.

That's Saturday night sorted until Christmas. I loved it.