Friday, October 14, 2011

Liam Fox on the run

As I predicted in my email newsletter this morning, Dr Liam Fox MP has resigned as defence secretary.

Though he has remained dignified in the manner of his departure, and also in his resignation letter, his friends have already appeared on radio and TV to blame the media for his demise. It's a common plaint from politicians when they are forced to leave office after a series of indiscretions. However, there would have been no press interest had there not been some very odd goings-on. Speculation about Dr Fox's sexuality played no part in media reporting, nor should it have done. The damage was caused by a series of inexplicable events which grew more puzzling by the day. Alas, Dr Fox has only himself to blame.

Lessons for all politicians.

1) Don't misbehave
2) If you do, don't lie about it
3) If you get caught, apologise and admit everything.

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Ian R McAllister said...

He was eventually done by a good old News of the World investigative strategy: where's the money coming from?

Effectively he was running a private political office outside the defined MP's code of ethics, let alone the tighter version of the minsterial code. If he'd declared it in the members register of interests, then he might have got away with it: he didn't, had to fall on his sword.

He was doing a great job at Defence, tackling a £35Bn black hole. But as I have see many commentators say, his niavety dug him an even bigger hole. Suggestion is that this will make it unlikely he'll ever be back on the frontline.

Cameron's is doing all the right things publicly, but interesting to see that he's replaced a (Tory) right winger with a more central Conservative, both at the MoD and Transport. He may be doing the PR thing, but politically he's not lost the opportunity to swing his party more towards his own home ground