Sunday, April 01, 2012

Are you ready for Web 4.0?

As a journalist, I was lucky to be invited to Stockholm this week to see a presentation at the Skämta Institute. If you haven't heard about it, you soon will. It is probably the most significant change in technology since the invention of the World-Wide Web.

Much of the development is still under wraps, but what has been, and can be, revealed is mind-boggling. The next generation of access devices, known by the Swedish term
Bedra, run at speeds approximately a million times faster than current tablet devices like the iPad. They use 4D technology, delivering not only 3D images, but also touch and smell, for a complete immersion experience. Thay have to be seen (an touched and sniffed) to be believed.

The developments will make all social networking sites obsolete before the end of the year, and will require everyone to re-assess their businesses. The main developer, Nobel-Prize Winner Professor Loof Lirpa said today "Few people will fully understand the implications of this announcement. Today marks a historic event"

Will you be ready for the change?

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