Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Raise your Twitter game

Here are a few tips to boost your game on Twitter: 

1) Make your replies more visible. When you reply to someone on Twitter, your tweet is automatically preceded with their name and the "@" symbol. Twitter is now setup so that only people following both sides of the conversation see that tweet. To make it visible to all your followers, simply precede it by a full stop, like this ".@mediacoach". The reply will still get to the recipient, but it will also be visible to everyone else, who may also join the conversation. 

2) 140 is too many. Though the Twitter limit of 140 characters seems tight, train yourself to use around 120 instead. That makes your tweets re-tweetable, since the extra characters are needed for your name and any comment by the re-tweeter. Make it as easy as possible for people to share your tweets by sticking to a lower limit. 

3) Tell the whole story. Remember that your followers may not see the entire conversation, so may not understand what you are referring to. Ensure that you include the context in your tweets to get more engagement.

4) Include a link. If you want your tweet to be passed on, including a link to an article, picture or video increases the chances. Aim to include at least some tweets with links in your conversations.

1 comment:

Gareth kane said...

Nice piece - it took me ages to work out the full stop thing.

In my experience, most people only tweet links, unless they're tweeting purely social comments. I find the 140 character link-free business insight a very powerful way to engage.