Friday, February 22, 2013

Crucial advice for Oscar nominees #Oscars

Dear Nominee,

Here's some advice now you're on the Oscar shortlist for an award. It won't take long to read, and it is very simple to apply. It will avoid you embarrassing yourself, the audience, and us, and make the evening much more memorable for everyone. Thank you.

Our parents taught us to always say thank you. It's the right thing to do. If you win an award, here are some things to think about when you deliver your speech of thanks.

  1. Stay on time. If you have no guidelines, two minutes is enough.
  2. Stay relevant. Talk about the award, not your life story.
  3. Thank people who have helped you. It needn't be a long list, simply mention the three or four most significant, and add "and many others I don't have time to mention"
  4. Be humble. Winning an award is an honour, not an expectation.
  5. Avoid jokes. You're not there to do stand-up comedy.
  6. Avoid notes. You can easily speak for two minutes without prompts.
  7. Be sincere. And no, you can't fake that.
  8. Say how you feel. Being a little teary is OK. Blubbing constantly isn't.
  9. Be gracious. Praise the others on the short-list
  10. Remember to thank your hosts. First and last.
Lastly, smile as you return to your seat. You are entitled to! 

Picture Credit: Creative Commons


Edie Kay said...

Loved it! Great advice and I'll be watching! Oscar night is one of my favorite nights ;-)

Alan Stevens said...


Thanks for your comment - here's hoping the speeches are good too!