Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Al's five-point guide to getting paid speaking gigs

There's lots of understandable chatter in the speaking world about how to get paid gigs. I have a few suggestions, based on my own experience. You may find them helpful.


Al's five-point guide to getting booked:

1) Be very, very good at what you do. That's a given, but many bookings come on the back of a great delivery. Your speaking is your best marketing.

2) Maintain a constant presence. You need to be front of mind for anyone who might book you or refer you. That means being visible. (If you don't know how to do that, call Dave Avrin)

3) Tell others what you do. Yes, blindingly obvious, but if it's hidden in a cryptic title or vague jargon, no-one will understand it. Clarity please.

4) Ask for more business. Your best chance of a booking is from a client you already work with. They love you already. Just ask them what else you can do to help.

5) Eat well. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner with colleagues and prospects (thanks to Matt Crabtree for this tip). Good food fosters good relationships.

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