Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Why we need the Turner prize

Well done to Mark Leckey, last night's winner of the Turner prize, for his works which include cartoon characters like Homer Simpson and Felix the Cat.

As ever, there has been a lot of comment in the press about the Turner prize (though less than in previous years), and whether or not the entries constitute "art".

Frankly, I'm delighted to see awards made to artists whose work does not have universal appeal. Why? because it makes us think. If ever I'm in need of a creative idea, I head to the Tate Modern, and browse the exhibits, with no particular aim in mind. Sometimes I'm disappointed, sometimes annoyed, and sometimes amazed and impressed. It doesn't matter. It makes me think, and as I linger over a coffee in the cafe, ideas occur to me - and not necessarily answers to the problem I arrived with.

Try a visit to a gallery you wouldn't normally go to - we need art that challenges us.

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