Saturday, February 13, 2010

FIve reasons Twitter is like jazz

Twitter is like jazz. I’m approaching three years as a Twitter user, and my experience has been like a musician moving from following all the notes on the score to having fun with the melody. Here’s my take on why Twitter is the jazz club of the social media world:

1. You need to have a theme. It’s no good just playing random notes. People need to know who you are, and what your expertise is. Having established that, you can start to play around a bit, but if you don’t have a “core theme”, people won’t follow you.

2. You don’t have to play the same notes as everyone else. If you simply follow the crowd, and retweet others messages, or post only motivational quotes, others will lose interest. You should develop your own unique style, making your tweets unmissable.

3. Small groups develop their own style. Even though you may have thousands of followers, you will benefit from chatting to small groups regularly, since you will get to know each other, and build a close relationship that can lead to mutual benefit.

4. Some people don’t get it. Twitter is not for everyone. It’s much smaller than Facebook, Linkedin and many other social platforms. But the people who love it, love it. That’s fine. Some love classical music, some only listen to R&B.

5. It keeps evolving. I keep seeing innovative uses of Twitter, and unexpected ways to make it work for businesses. Keep experimenting, and see what you like.

I’m off to put on my shades and grab my saxophone. Twitter? It’s terminally hep.

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