Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Tribute to Clive Gott

Clive Gott, my friend and fellow professional speaker, has passed away suddenly at all too young an age. Clive was, even amongst professional speakers, a remarkable man.Here's a few words of tribute to Clive from Graham Davies, FPSA:

'Clive did not pass through life in shades of grey. In the same speech, he would take great delight in grabbing an audience by its throat, either inspiring and entertaining them or disturbing and upsetting them. Actually, it was usually all four at the same time. No-one slept while he was on stage.'

I agree completely. Clive was a great supporter of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK, as chapter leader and tireless worker. He spoke internationally, completed the Marathon Des Sables (134 miles across the Sahara), climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and had countless adventures, all of which he recounted with enthusiasm and lust for life.

I remember him as opinionated, enthusiastic and challenging - everything a great speaker should be. The world is a poorer place without him.

Clive's partner, Elaine, has requested that anyone who wants to honour and remember Clive should buy themselves a bunch of fresh flowers. A lovely idea.

Thank you Clive. May your inspiration live on.


AnnHawkins said...

I agree with everything you've said Alan. Clive was not an easy person to be around because he expected everyone to be the best they could be and wouldn't accept anything less. The result was that he challenged everything, shone a bright light into dark corners and made people think. I loved him to bits for it. He inspired me to start my business (although he always denied he inspired anybody) and supported me in so many ways just by being himself.
The world is a poorer place without his honesty and humour.

MediaCoach said...

Annie, you're spot on. Clive was the easiest person to be with, and simultaneously the most challenging. He always made people think, which is a rare trait. We'll all miss him.

Jeremy Nicholas said...

Clive spoke at the first PSA convention I attended and he was great.

The following year he sought me out after my talk and gave me his very forthright views on it. Fortunately he liked it. Top bloke, can't believe he's gone.

He'll be sadly missed.

Sharon Cheng said...

Clive, you will be truly missed...
You were the person who introduced me to the Ballet- for that I will be truly grateful.You always lifted me up when I was feeling down. Love always Sharon xx

Jim Cronin said...

Well said Alan.
I spoke with Clive in Indoa several year ago. He walked the talk.

John Simonett said...

Genuinely shocked to hear this news. Never knew Clive personally though met him briefly at a few PSA events. Always enjoyed his blog and found his approach and beliefs refreshing and inspirational. Hope the writings on his website can be preserved as an everlasting tribute and memorial of what he stood for. A poignant reminder of which is here

and much more besides (check out "My Values" and "My Beliefs")

His aim that "the world should be a better place for having him visit" is undoubtedly true. RIP Clive - long may your "vapour trail" continue to remind us of your magnificent example.