Tuesday, March 01, 2011

How to manage a crisis at an event

I'm speaking today at International Confex on how to manage a crisis at an event. In case you can't be there, or as a reminder of the key points, I've created a summary of the main points. Of course, there'll be a lot more info if you come along.

Here are the ten key things you should do if a crisis occurs -

1. Recognise that you have a crisis

2. Prepare for senior staff being door-stepped and ambushed by reporters

3. Be seen and heard doing the right things

4. The media must not be ignored during a crisis. TV is the most important medium

5. Set up a communication process with the media as quickly as possible

6. The most senior staff must take charge and be seen as company spokespeople

7. Talk about people first, property second, and money third.

8. Focus on your feelings about the situation, and how it will be prevented from happening again

9. Become the single most authoritative source of information about the crisis

10. Keep a close eye on media coverage, and take every opportunity to correct inaccurate reporting

Of course, your key staff must be properly trained to speak to the media. Here's where to find help.

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