Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Media Interviews - all about............timing

Any stand-up comedian will tell you that timing is everything (by the way, you can a punch line there if you wish). So it is with media requests. Here are my ten timing tips:

  1. Always have a message ready
  2. Keep your company information up to date, and to hand
  3. Anticipate external events that may affect your organisation
  4. Always get back to a reporter before their deadline
  5. A good sound bite early is better than a great one late
  6. You should react in seconds and minutes, not hours or days
  7. Aim to lead the news agenda, not follow it
  8. Be the first to comment on any story about you
  9. If reporters don't call you, call them
  10. Being seen at the scene is important - get there

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