Thursday, May 31, 2012

Your social media cocktail

There's nothing like a tasty cocktail on the veranda on a warm summer evening. Let's see if we can put a social media cocktail together. 

1) Plan the ingredients. You wouldn't just start throwing various liquids into a glass at random (OK, maybe you would in the early hours of the morning, but go with me here). A cocktail needs planning and preparation. So does your social media strategy. you need to have an objective in mind, or it's just random activity. It may be listening, researching, asking questions or even (very gently) promoting. But you need to know what you're trying to make. 

2) Add the ice. Keep cool. It's very easy to get worked up in a discussion online, especially if faced by a "troll", whose sole aim is to annoy you. Stay calm and collected at all times, and never allow your passion to run away with you. 

3) Mix it up. Include a number of different elements in your online cocktail. Link to other useful sites. Engage in debates. Post pictures and videos. Comment on news stories.

4) Enjoy!. It should be fun. If social media becomes a chore, give it up for a while or ask someone else to do it. The more you enjoy yourself, the more engaging and engaged you will become.


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