Friday, June 01, 2012

Do not Tweet like The Queen

To be fair, The Queen doesn't tweet at all. Someone tweets on her behalf. I'm not sure it's a generational thing, more likely an appropriate use of time. She has a lot of ribbons to cut, plaques to unveil and people to give awards to. It would be too much to expect for her to have digital chats on her royal iPhone with the likes of us.

So how does the royal tweeter-in-chief (whoever they are) engage with the twitterverse? Not much, according to their tweet stream. They are almost exclusively a broadcaster, though they have been retweeting lately, but only tweets with the hashtag #DiamondJubilee. There's been a bit more activity from Clarence House, who have even set up a Storify collection from followers' Jubilee stories.

My advice is to do the opposite of the royal tweeters. In short:

  • Tweet more often about other people's content rather than yours
  • Get involved in real-time conversations with other tweeters
  • Don't set yourself up as being more important than other tweeters
  • Base your retweets on valuable content rather than hashtags
  • Offer advice rather than just information
  • Tweet regularly, not just on special occasions
  • Use informal language (not slang)
  • Vary the format of your tweets
  • If tweeting on behalf of an organisation, identify yourself

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