Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's all new to someone

It's easy to become a bit lazy in media interviews, especially if you are doing a number back-to-back. It's very important to remember that many of your audience will be hearing your message for the first time, and so you need to explain it in the simplest terms. You should never assume any prior knowledge of your organisation unless you work for a household name, and even then it does no harm to remind people what you do. 

There's a simple three-part formula that ensures you place your message in the appropriate context:

1) Remind people of the purpose of your organisation. For example, a spokesperson for a supermarket may say "Our aim has always been to deliver the freshest food at the lowest prices"

2) Summarise your achievements to date. This need not be a long list of awards, but simply a statement such as "For the past five years, we have had a higher percentage of repeat customers than any other car dealer in London"

3) Make a promise. Of course, this must be something you are certain that you can deliver (or may already be delivering but haven't publicised yet). An example might be "We aim to ensure that no caller waits for more than thirty seconds before having their call answered"

You may have a specific message in addition to the statements above. That's fine, as long as you remember that many people are hearing it for the first time too.

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