Monday, October 01, 2012

On the panel tonight....

Panel debates often feature on broadcast news channels or may be set up to give audiences a chance to ask questions of politicians. If you find yourself on a panel, here are a few tips which may help: 

  • Find out who else is on the panel, and do some research on their opinions
  • Prepare a couple of stories that make your point
  • Never interrupt. Listen and plan your response
  • Lift your hand to indicate you wish to speak
  • Address your responses in general to the person chairing the debate.
  • If you speak directly to the audience, make it brief.
  • Never insult another panellist, or use abusive language
  • Respect the views of others. Don't react. Directors love reaction shots.
  • Stay calm, even if others become angry
  • Have a prepared and powerful statement to finish on
Finally, stick around after the debate to chat to the presenter (if they have time) or production team members. You could find that you are asked for a one-to-one interview.

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