Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Social media is a big con trick

Social media is a big con trick. In fact it's at least three cons; Conversation, Content and Consistency. 

Conversation - You need to get involved. It's no use simply posting messages saying how wonderful your company is, or what an interesting blog you have just written. You need to respond to questions, add to debates, and offer a point of view on issues. That's what engages people. Don't be scared of getting into a debate and then leaving it again, since it may run for days or weeks. Simply add to the debate while you are there. 

Content - You need to offer something useful and of interest. This may seem contrary to what I said above (I'm even debating with myself here), but if you post an interesting and valuable article, other people will publicise it for you. Your comments on other people's blogs may also offer useful content, so don't simply say "I agree" or "This is rubbish". 

Consistency - you need to make regular appearances. That does not mean every day, and certainly not every hour. However, if you only appear once or twice a month, post a ton of material and then disappear again, you won't attract many friends. Small, regular postings seem to be much more effective than rare long ones. Little and often - that's the way.

Of course, there is also Connecting, Confidence, Consideration, Congratulating, etc.


Paul J said...

Sound advise as usual Alan well thought out



Paul J said...

Good points Alan, as usual well thought out



Carol Dodsley said...

Great post Alan - Consistency & content are the big challenges for many people - mainly because they don't know their business or targe audience well enough and also because they "try" too hard and think they have to create their own blogs and videos and forget that sharing other peoples great content, reviewing other peoples thoughts and blog posts & content curation is also adding value for your audience too :)

Gareth Kane said...

Nice one.

There's another Con related to Content which is Contrarianism - unfortunately this word is a bit stronger than the con-free word "provocative".

Too much corporate social media is so bland as to be tasteless. Have you ever been "engaged in conversation" by some PR officer who clearly doesn't have views of their own. I love the point where they try and bail out 'cos they're out of their depth.

The best social media content has a bit of grit about it - a view worth hearing.