Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is Sarah Palin out of her depth?

A viewing of the interview that Sarah Palin recently did with Katie Couric must give even her staunchest supporters grave doubts about her ability to run the country. She is hesitant, indecisive and unclear about the economic situation. She may have had a couple of weeks of intense briefing from her media advisors, but in my view, she needs a lot more before being a convincing candidate.

If she was a client of mine, I wouldn't let her in front of a camera until she learns how to deliver a message with clarity and purpose.

It got even worse in a joint interview with John McCain, where they tried to explain a complete disagreement between themselves. They complain about "gotcha" journalism. Well, Sarah, if you're going for the job, you've got to handle the media, not complain about them.

Delivering a barnstorming speech to party supporters is one thing. Getting up close and personal with an experienced political interviewer is something else. The upcoming debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden will be fascinating.

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