Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain - singing the wrong song?

John McCain has a problem. He's starting to look uncertain about what to do. As I write this, there is still no agreement on the 700 billion dollar rescue package for the US eceonomy. McCain says there should be no presidential debate until agreement is reached. Barack Obama, on the other hand, says the debate should go ahead regardless since "Presidents should be able to handle more than one thing at a time". There are 3,000 journalists gathered at the University of Mississippi, waiting for the debate this evening.The hosts have spent over 8 million dollars staging it. A no-show by McCain could do his campaign real damage. His opponent could be left with 90 minutes of unopposed prime-time TV coverage.

However, McCain's supporters argue that he is putting the welfare of his country first, by staying in Washington until the crisis eases. They say he is looking like a statesman. I'm not so sure, but then I don't have to choose a candidate.

John McCain's team has even had trouble with a theme tune. Of late, they were using Chuck Berry's 1958 rock 'n' roll classic, Johnny B Goode. Unfortunately for them, dear old Chuck is an Obama supporter, and objected. They also had to drop an earlier choice, Abba's Take A Chance On Me, after the Swedish group complained. Senator McCain said: "We played it a couple times and it's my understanding that Abba went berserk."

Maybe he should stick to making oven chips.

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