Monday, September 22, 2008

Urgent - Nick Faldo's PR Advisor - apply here

Poor old Nick Faldo. He's still reeling from "sandwichgate", when he inadvertently revealed the European pairings for the first day of the Ryder Cup. Now the whole thing has imploded, and his "best 'til last" strategy has gone down the Swaneee. Alas, Nick does have a bit of a history when it comes to dealing with the media. Ever since his victory speech at the 1992 Open championship, when he thanked reporters from "the heart of his bottom", some hacks have been waiting for an opportunity to get their own back.

The time is now.

Even some of his closes confidantes say the Faldo doesn't have friends, he has "admirers". Winning US Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger has little time for Faldo, who he once described as a "p**ck". I first met Faldo many years ago, when he was playing his home course in Welwyn Garden City. Even then, as a 20-year-old, he had little time for small talk or PR. I saw him interviewed by the local paper, the Welwyn Times, being almost monosyllabic. The reporter had to make up most of his quotes.

So, the point is, does he need a PR advisor? I think, on balance, probably not. He hates the idea of "spin", and would be unlikely to temper his comments in order to present a "media-friendly" front. Maybe the European team had an off-weekend, and Faldo shouldn't be blamed. But blamed he will be, and the press payback could be brutal.

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